Digital Marketing Consultant

Nipa Technology Co., Ltd. is the #1 OpenStack public cloud provider in Thailand.

We have our own datacenter and develop our own software platform called as Nipa Cloud Platform (NCP). NCP was used for communicate with OpenStack and make it able to serve as NIPA Public Cloud. The software also able to serve as internal private cloud for an organization who are interested in making their own private cloud. Our mission is to make customer companies growth together with us. We are looking for a person who has passion to make a big change among digital transformation era.

Digital Marketing Solution:;

Cloud Solution:;

“Digital Marketing is an advertising focusing on customers and results because it is two-way communication. Moreover, the other important tools to beat the competitors are Data Science and AI & Machine learning.”

– Dr. Abhisak Chulya –

Key Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for achievement of personal sales target.
  • Recommend marketing strategy for clients across online marketing, and digital media and consulting clients about project requirements.
  • Presenting and provided company products, campaign and budgets to clients.
  • Coordinate with internal departments (digital media team, creative team, Accounting team and operation team)
  • Maintain and develop good relationship with existing clients and acquire new clients for business growth.
  • Monitoring work progress and keeping in contact with clients at all stages.
  • Prepare reports and conduct performance reviews with clients and internal management on weekly or monthly basis.

Job Qualifications :

  • Welcome all of Gender.
  • Aged 23-35 years old.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Economics or related field.
  • At least 1 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales Representative, Account Executive if any have an experience in digital marketing or digital advertising or media agency company is a plus.
  • Energetic, well handle under pressure, self-motivated, self-confident, goal-oriented.
  • Good command of English.
  • Effective communications skills – presentational or face to face skill.

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