Market Researcher (In IT Business)

Nipa Technology Co., Ltd. is the #1 OpenStack public cloud provider in Thailand.

We have our own datacenter and develop our own software platform called as Nipa Cloud Platform (NCP). NCP was used for communicate with OpenStack and make it able to serve as NIPA Public Cloud. The software also able to serve as internal private cloud for an organization who are interested in making their own private cloud. Our mission is to make customer companies growth together with us. We are looking for a person who has passion to make a big change among digital transformation era.

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“Cloud is truly the foundation of digital transformation. Our cloud team can make a big impact locally and globally. And we believe we will be a cloud pioneer in corporate world.”

– Dr. Abhisak Chulya –

Market Researcher can be responsible for product development, market process development, or both. You will work across the with every functional team.

Responsibilities of the job include:

  • Devise and evaluate methods for collecting data both current products in market and also Speculate trend in the future with a team.
  • Present their findings to team through charts, graphs, and other visual means to help them make better-informed decisions about product introductions, modifications, and marketing campaigns.
  • Interpret the data, organizing this information into statistical tables and reports.
  • Create a visual of industry trends and of competitors so organizations can predict how products and services will fare in the marketplace.
  • Making improvements or modifications to current processes
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies.
  • planning, organizing and overseeing process, production and marketing trials
  • generating ideas for new products and researching feasibility in terms of profitability, resource availability and compliance with regulations.


  • At least Bachelor’s degree in Computer, IT, Business or Relevant field.
  • Has Knowledge and at least basic understanding in Cloud Technology.
  • A logical and investigative mind
  • Good analytical skills
  • A methodical approach to work
  • Teamworking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Good technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • “Can Do” and “Open Mind” Attitude.

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